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What is a Bed Rest Pillow?

A bed rest pillow is a specialized cushion designed to support your back and arms, providing comfort while you read, work, or relax in bed. Its structure helps maintain good posture, preventing aches and pains. Curious about how it can transform your lounging experience? Discover the different styles and benefits as we delve deeper into the world of bed rest pillows.
Lauren Romano
Lauren Romano

A bed rest pillow is a large, somewhat stiff, pillow similar in look to the top section of a recliner, that has a cushioned back and short attached armrests. The person rests his or her back on the pillow while the armrests fall on either side of the the lower waist. While it may sound like a strange item, many people find it quite comfortable to lean on.

You can place the bed rest pillow on the floor or on a bed so you have something soft to lean against while you are doing activities such as reading or watching television. Those that have back problems may find this item useful for the extra support. While the top of most bed rests end just at the base of the person’s neck, some extend upward and provide support for the neck and head.

The typical best rest pillow is just a large pillow with no extra frills. Then there are the best rests that can come with a built-in cup holder or heat and massaging capabilities. Some also have a pocket on the side for remotes or reading material.

Bed rest pillows are good for reading or watching TV in bed.
Bed rest pillows are good for reading or watching TV in bed.

When you want to choose a bed rest pillow, it is important to keep in mind who you will be purchasing it for. If you want to buy one for a sports fan, consider getting a bed rest pillow that has the logo or name of his or her favorite sports team on the back of it. If the recipient does not have a lot of space in the home, you may want to get him or her a bed rest that can fold up and be stored easily. If possible, choose one that is a shade complimentary to the colors in the house.

Some bed rest pillows come with a removable cover that you can take off and throw in the washing machine. If you are buying the bed rest for a young child, it may be a good option in case he or she gets it dirty. It can also be beneficial for those that have pets.

If you find yourself more comfortable when you can rest your back on a pillow while you read or just relax, a bed rest pillow may be for you. Not only can it be more comfortable on your back, but also it can keep you from having to lean against the wall or another hard surface. They come in various prices, so you are almost sure to find one that is within your budget.

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    • Bed rest pillows are good for reading or watching TV in bed.
      By: Paul Hill
      Bed rest pillows are good for reading or watching TV in bed.