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What Are the Different Types of Pillow Decor?

Pillow decor ranges from plush, textured throws to sleek, geometric shapes, offering both comfort and style. Materials vary from soft cotton to luxurious silk, while designs span from bold patterns to subtle embroidery. Whether you're accenting a sofa or dressing a bed, the right pillow can transform a space. Curious about how to select the perfect pillow? Let's explore together.
Lumara Lee
Lumara Lee

Pillows can be found in various sizes, shapes, colors and fabrics, and some people like to make their own. Some pillows are made to sleep on, some are made to sit on or lean against, and some are intended to be merely decorative, although these can also be used to pillow a head or a derriere when needed. Pillows are most often found on beds, sofas, and chairs. Decorative pillows are the ones used most often as pillow decor, although sleeping pillows can also be used.

When using pillow decor in the bedroom, an elaborate arrangement of decorative pillows with different coordinating solids and prints can be employed. Arranged in neat rows starting at the head of the bed, decorative pillows add a plush look to the bedroom. This is the most striking use of bedroom pillow decor, and creates a little more work when making and turning down the bed. Options are to place a pair of pillows with decorative pillow cases at the head of the neatly made bed or to use pillow shams.

A pillow with a pillow sham.
A pillow with a pillow sham.

Pillow decor for a day bed can be practical as well as ornamental. The same pillow that someone may sleep on can be slipped into a decorative pillow sham afterward and placed along the back of the bed. During the day, the bed can be used as a sofa, and that pillow can provide a soft cushion to lean against. Large bolsters shaped like cylinders can also be placed along the back of a day bed to make lounging more comfortable.

A throw pillow with tassels.
A throw pillow with tassels.

A colorful set of decorative pillows can brighten up a neutral sofa, and pillows made of certain fabrics can provide texture to an interior design. Some pillows are plain, covered only in fabric, while some have embellishments such as piping, embroidery, or beadwork. Choosing the right size and number of pillows is an important step in pillow decor, because the wrong size can throw off the balance of the design. For example, a small, decorative pillow would be lost on a large sofa, but a grouping of five of those pillows might look very attractive.

A bed with pillows on it.
A bed with pillows on it.

The right kind of pillow can interest to a chair. A pillow covered in a brightly colored fabric can update the look of a used piece of furniture. An uncomfortable chair or sofa can be made more comfortable with the use of pillows, which also can add a decorative touch.

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    • A pillow with a pillow sham.
      By: karam miri
      A pillow with a pillow sham.
    • A throw pillow with tassels.
      By: aspen rock
      A throw pillow with tassels.
    • A bed with pillows on it.
      By: David Hilcher
      A bed with pillows on it.
    • A woman asleep on a pillow.
      By: taka
      A woman asleep on a pillow.
    • Pillows may be embellished with beads.
      By: Vyacheslav Plyasenko
      Pillows may be embellished with beads.