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What are the Different Kinds of Throw Pillows I can Make?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Throw pillows are available in many different materials, shapes, and sizes, and they are fun and easy to make. They can be a very quick craft project using a sewing machine, two pieces of fabric, and a pillow form, but these pillows can also be as detailed and as time-consuming as the craftperson wishes. People often create pillows the needlepoint or cross stitch panels on one side. Making pillows from remnants and textured novelty materials can also be a fun way to add interest to a room.

Fun fur throw pillows in animal prints can liven up a neutral color scheme in a family room. Remnants of upholstery fabrics, such as crushed velvet, are also especially suitable for making pillows for use by the whole family. As the fabric already looks "crushed," it can stand up to use by children and still look great many pillow fights later.

Toss pillows can brighten up a room.
Toss pillows can brighten up a room.

Delicate fabrics such as lace, satin, and silk can be fashioned into elegant pillows for a formal living room or bedroom. Sewers can think beyond the traditional square shape and try making a neck-roll lace, rectangular satin, or triangular raw silk throw pillow. Piles of pillows in different sizes can be spread out in the center of a sofa or upper part of a bed for a funky, modern look.

Throw pillows on a couch.
Throw pillows on a couch.

Throw pillow backs and fronts can be different colors or patterns, adding more variety. Individuals who are sewing their own pillows should take care to prevent the stitches from showing, however, and coordinate the materials on the back and front, even if they don't match exactly. Homemade pillows in twos or threes tied with a ribbon make an excellent gift if made in colors to fit in with the recipient's decor.

Pillows can be knitted or crocheted.
Pillows can be knitted or crocheted.

Beginners can create everything from large floor throw pillows to small sofa pillows. Tassels and ribbons can be added for interest. Knitters and crocheters can also make great looking pillows out of different yarns. These projects are often best attempted by an experienced needle worker, although most kinds of pillows are perfect for beginning crafters.

A throw pillow with tassels.
A throw pillow with tassels.

Stuffing options for throw pillows include quilt stuffing or pillow forms, although ready-made forms may be easier to work with for beginners. Removable pillow shams made to cover plain pillows are a great idea for crafters who already have a few in their homes, but want to give them a new look.

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@DylanB – Cotton is my favorite pillow material, too. I tend to use bed throw pillows to prop up my head so that I can watch TV, and I prefer the cotton ones.

I had a cylindrical neck throw pillow that had the most rough case. I removed it and made a soft cotton one to go in its place. I can't stand scratchy material against my skin.

I've never attempted to make an entire pillow, but I do enjoy sewing new cases for the ones I have. It's a challenge to make cases for the oddly shaped pillows like the neck pillow, and I think it helps me work on my sewing skills.


Needlepoint throw pillows can be ridiculously expensive, especially if the artist is really good and does intricate work. After seeing some of the prices these pillows were going for online, I decided to make some of my own and sell them.

Doing good needlepoint takes some time, so I see why the prices are high. Still, I was able to make a profit by charging about half of what the online stores were asking.

Stuffing and sewing the casing was the easiest part. Planning and executing the needlepoint was tedious, but I wound up with beautiful pillows because I took my time.


I think that cotton throw pillows are the most comfortable, if you intend to lay your head on them. There is a small furniture store in my town, and the same guy who will sell you a sofa will make you some matching throw pillows for a small fee.

I got to choose the patterns for my pillows, and I went with one side solid brown and the other light brown with multicolored circles. I like having the option to change up the look of the sofa now and then just by flipping the pillows.


I love those big floor pillows that are actually knitted poufs. They look like giant balls of yarn, but they are filled with soft foam.

I have one of these on the floor in front of my TV, and it is so cozy to lay upon. I did find out that if I fall asleep on it, I will wake up with an interesting pattern on my face!

A friend who is really good at crocheting made this for me. It must have took a long time, because the thing is huge!


@JaneAir - That's true. I borrowed my mother's sewing machine awhile back to make some new throw pillows covers for the throw pillows in my living room. It was a really quick and easy project, for the most part.

However, when you're making throw pillow covers for pillows you already have or for a pillow form from the store, you have to be sure to measure properly. If you make it too small, the cover won't fit. If you make it too large, it will just look ridiculous.


When I was younger, I used to hand sew unique throw pillows as gifts for my family all the time. It usually didn't take me long, and that was sewing it by hand. I imagine if you wanted to sew a throw pillow using a sewing machine, it would probably be a very quick project!


@LoriCharlie - I can just picture those pillows, with the stuffing coming out in various places! I knit too, and I think we've all had some projects that were total failures, especially in the very beginning.

Anyway, it's definitely possible to knit accent throw pillows, if you want. However, it's a better idea to use a pillow form, so none of the stuffing tries to escape through the knitted fabric. And obviously, it's a good idea to use the correct needle size for the yarn you're using, so you don't end up with a knitted fabric that is much too loose.


I knitted a couple of couch throw pillows right when I started knitting. However, I used the wrong size needle, and my fabric ended up being very loose. It didn't work out too well when I then tried to stuff the pillow with some pillow stuffing from the craft store. The whole project was a failure!

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    • Toss pillows can brighten up a room.
      By: phaendin
      Toss pillows can brighten up a room.
    • Throw pillows on a couch.
      By: Africa Studio
      Throw pillows on a couch.
    • Pillows can be knitted or crocheted.
      By: victosha
      Pillows can be knitted or crocheted.
    • A throw pillow with tassels.
      By: aspen rock
      A throw pillow with tassels.
    • A bed with throw pillows on it.
      By: David Hilcher
      A bed with throw pillows on it.