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How do I Choose the Best Breastfeeding Pillow for Twins?

Choosing the best breastfeeding pillow for twins requires considering size, support, and versatility. Look for a wide, firm cushion that comfortably fits both babies and supports your back and arms. A pillow with adjustable straps can adapt as your twins grow. Remember, the right pillow can transform your feeding routine. What features will make your twin breastfeeding journey smoother? Continue reading to find out.
Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Breastfeeding twins may be difficult, but a quality cushion can make it possible for most mothers. One of the first considerations to make is the size of the cushion, as it should be able to comfortably fit two babies. The presence of a strap is also helpful since the pillow may slide around otherwise, making it challenging to keep both babies in the right position for nursing. Of course, you will likely want to consider the color of any breastfeeding pillow for twins, as it is nice to have a cushion that matches your other baby products.

Make sure that the breastfeeding pillow for twins that you choose is large enough to fit both babies, since the comfort of both you and your infants is crucial to a relaxing nursing session. A breastfeeding pillow for twins should be larger than the kind meant for one baby, but some are bigger than others. Consider buying the type of cushion that angles the babies toward you, as this is often better for latching, than putting them flat on their backs. Additionally, make sure that the pillow will hold the weight of both babies, since it will likely become quite flat and uncomfortable otherwise.

A breastfeeding pillow for twins should be able to comfortably fit both babies at once.
A breastfeeding pillow for twins should be able to comfortably fit both babies at once.

Try to find a breastfeeding pillow for twins that includes a strap connecting from the product to your body. This can help keep the cushion from moving around as you nurse, making the session as easy on you as possible. Of course, this feature is also recommended for safety reasons, as a cushion that moves frequently can cause one or both babies to roll off into the space between you and the pillow. This is especially true when one baby falls asleep on the pillow, at which time you might have all your attention turned to the nursing twin, so that you do not notice the other baby slipping.

Most mothers also consider the color of the breastfeeding pillow for twins, which is why it is helpful that there are a variety of shades available. One of the details to think about is the room in which you will most often nurse, as it is usually nice for the pillow to match the color scheme. You should also consider whether you will be using the pillow again or trying to sell it when you are done, keeping in mind that neutral colors are often best in either case. Of course, most breastfeeding products like this one come with a removable cover so that you can change the color occasionally.

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    • A breastfeeding pillow for twins should be able to comfortably fit both babies at once.
      By: Oksana Kuzmina
      A breastfeeding pillow for twins should be able to comfortably fit both babies at once.