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What Is a Throw Pillow Case?

A throw pillow case is a decorative cover designed to protect and beautify your throw pillows. It's an easy and affordable way to refresh your living space, adding color, texture, and personality. With endless patterns and fabrics, they're a staple in interior design. Curious about how to choose the perfect throw pillow case for your home? Let's explore the possibilities together.
B. Miller
B. Miller

A throw pillow case is a removable case that is placed over a throw pillow, similar to a case that would be found on a bed pillow, though usually made of thicker fabric and typically with a colorful or decorative pattern. This is a great way to give new life to a throw pillow with a worn-out cover without needing to purchase a whole new pillow. Not only that, but a pillow case is one of the simplest things to sew, so many people simply decide to make their own throw pillow case. The throw pillows can then be used to decorate a couch or chair, or used as durable floor cushions.

Frequently, throw pillows are discarded if the case becomes ripped or stained, even if there is nothing wrong with the pillow itself. In addition, there are many inexpensive throw pillows to be found in stores, but these are often found in fabrics that do not match existing decor, or that simply do not go with an individual's tastes. In both of these cases, simply adding a throw pillow case to the pillow can give it new life. Not only can this help to save money, it is also an eco-friendly way to live, by reducing the amount of trash that is produced.

A throw pillow.
A throw pillow.

Throw pillow cases in different sizes may be ordered online, or it is fairly simple to sew one just by purchasing a few yards of fabric, and following some basic instructions. These may be found in a sewing guide, or there are many instructional websites and videos that are also found online. Some people even choose to turn old cushions, such as from a sofa or a piece of outdoor furniture, into a casual floor pillow by sewing a new throw pillow case for it. This can be a fun and creative project for people who are just learning to sew.

Another benefit to covering a pillow with a throw pillow case is that it makes it much easier to wash. For households with kids or pets, this can be invaluable; the case can simply be removed, treated with a stain remover and thrown in the washing machine, whereas a pillow with an attached case would just need to be spot treated. If necessary, the throw pillow case can always be changed again if it does become damaged, or if the decor in the rest of the room changes as well.

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Discussion Comments


@ysmina-- Can you buy the fabric and make the pillow cases yourself? I'm sure it will be much cheaper that way.

My aunt makes throw pillow cases. She even sells them. I never asked her how she makes them but she's good with crafts. I'm sure that if you are good with sewing and can use a sewing machine, it won't be too difficult. And the great part will be that you will decide the exact fabric, design and colors you want.


I love Indian throw pillow cases. They have such unique designs and they are so colorful. I've been wanting to buy some since a long time but since they are imported, they're too expensive for my budget.


We changed our living room sectional recently. The new furniture did not come with throw pillows for some reason, but we still had our throw pillows from previous furniture. The only issue was that the colors did not match the new sectional at all.

In order to avoid buying new, matching throw pillows to save money, we bought throw pillow cases. The most important thing about a throw pillow case is that it must fit the throw pillow perfectly or it looks strange. I had to look around at several different stores for the perfect size throw pillow cases. But I finally found a set that not only had the right measurements but also the exact color and design I wanted.

We removed the old pillow cases on the old throw pillows and put on the new ones. Ta da! They became as good as new.

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    • A throw pillow.
      By: aspen rock
      A throw pillow.