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How do I Choose the Best Rocking Chair Pillows?

B. Miller
B. Miller

Choosing the best rocking chair pillows is based on a few different factors, such as aesthetic appearance and comfort. It is important to choose pillows that match the rest of the decor in the room or area where the rocking chair will be placed, and to select fabric based on the use of the chair. For instance, if the chair is designed to be left outside, choosing water-resistant fabric is important. It is also important to choose pillows that are comfortable and which can be affixed to the chair in some way, typically with fabric ties, so they don't slide off.

Size is the first characteristic to consider in new rocking chair pillows, so take measurements of the seat and back of the chair before going shopping. Some people only choose to put a cushion on the seat of the chair while others place cushions on both the seat and the back, so this is another consideration. One large cushion, such as those intended for outdoor patio seating, can sometimes be used in a rocking chair in lieu of purchasing separate rocking chair pillows. The next consideration when choosing pillows for a rocking chair is the type and design of the fabric.

The size of rocking chair pillows should match that of the chairs.
The size of rocking chair pillows should match that of the chairs.

If the rocking chair will be placed in a room in the home, you will want to choose rocking chair pillows in a fabric that matches the existing decor. The fabric does not need to be an exact match, but colors and patterns should be similar, as when choosing any piece of furniture. Cushions that will be used on outdoor rocking chairs should be designed for the purpose, so the fabric is more water resistant, and will not fade as quickly in the sun. It is still a good idea to bring the cushions inside during severe rain storms so they do not get moldy or mildewy from being left outside.

The comfort and thickness of the rocking chair pillows are another consideration. Most people choose thicker cushions for rocking chairs to make them more comfortable. Fabric ties allow the cushions to be attached to the slats on the back or sides of the rocking chair so the cushions do not slide off while someone is sitting there, or get blown away if the chair is left outside. This is also a matter of personal preference, so it is a good idea to get cushions that you can test on a chair in the store to see if they are comfortable and do not slide around.

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@ocelot60- That is a good point to add. Most of these types of rocking chair pillows are washable, though some are not. It is easy to find out for sure by reading the tag that is attached to them before making your purchase.


@heavanet- That is a great idea that gives your home seasonal appeal. I think it is also important to make sure that the rocking chair pillows you purchase are washable. These types of pillows need frequent cleanings, and if they aren't washable, they may not last for very many seasons.


I like to change the rocking chair pillows on my rockers every season, so I have a variety of pillows available as the seasons change. For example, during the holidays, I replace my autumn-colored rocking chair pillows with my red and green pillows. As spring and summer roll around, I have sets of pillows to match these seasons as well.

Changing your rocking chair pillows to fit various seasons and holidays does not have to be costly. You can find a variety of these types of pillows in the clearance section of your favorite home store at the end of each season. When you begin to shop for them at the end of a particular season, you will be prepared to change your rocking chair pillows to match that time of year when it rolls around again.

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    • The size of rocking chair pillows should match that of the chairs.
      The size of rocking chair pillows should match that of the chairs.